Solution for “AIR file is damaged” Error report during installation

I have been trying to create a small Air Application in Flex and created the “.air” file successfully, but while installing the application caused some error like ” The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author “. After some tiresome of searching the internet eventually I got a solution.

Steps to Resolve:

1.  Open the .xml file which is automatically created while creating a new project eg: “myproject-app.xml” – usually will be in the name of yourproject (here myproject is the name your project).

2.  Change the first line of the file from

<application xmlns=”″&gt;


<application xmlns=”″&gt;

3.  Clean the project, compile and export again.

4.  If the problem still persists reinstall the Adobe Air installed in your system and execute the step 3.


About maheshkumar87
I am Flex and java developer and about me personally...very Curious, Artistic and a kind of nerdy or Geek.....!

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